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Enhanced Learning Unlimited (ELU)


The Enhanced Learning Unlimited (ELU) project intends to develop and validate the use of Interactive Digital TV (iDTV) system for t-learning as one of the key application areas for the societal and economical development of the enlarged Europe. The iDTV has a potential to become an important tool of edutainment (i.e. integration of education into the entertainment environment of television), because of the familiarity of TV, its easy utilization using the remote control and especially because of the power of upcoming interactive technologies. To be able to reuse this potential, it is necessary to develop new formats, applications and methodologies for delivery of educational content to target users.

The project will research, develop and implement pedagogical scenarios for the use of iDTV at home, universities and schools. Further the project includes major efforts to enhance Media Home Platform (MHP) with new functionalities required for implementing appealing t-learning systems for the general audience. In particular, it will implement specific modules for advanced HCI, personalization, delivery subsystem (i.e. ancillary user devices), and game templates. In order to verify its technology, the ELU project will develop the required tools to simulate iDTV for areas in which real deployment is not feasible at this stage.


The ELU system will offer new technologies and teaching and learning possibilities for both academic and general audience. The ELU system will enhance the MHP platform to support t-learning and thus support teaching and learning in the immersive TV environment. This will offer new services on the TV channel and increase the number of people who learn at home sitting in front of the TV using a common set-top box. The ELU methodologies and the ELU authoring software will offer an intuitive tool for the creation of immersive/interactive content for set-top boxes.


The ELU consortium comprises experts from different areas of television, information technology and pedagogy.

FR Ort France

Centre Henri Tudor

GIUNTI Interactive Labs S.r.l.

ELIOS Lab-University of Genoa

Center for futurism education-Ben Gurion University

Informatics and Telematics Institute. Centre for Research and Technology Hellas


Czech Technical University in Prague

University of Hradec Kralove

Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

University of Ljubljana

Riga Technical University

State Institute of Information Technology

Czech Television


The project ELU is founded by the European Community through the IST programe under FP6 with the contract number IST-4-027866.


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