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Studies at the department of Computer Graphics and Interaction (DCGI)

We are a new department with limited resources. Therefore, we offer only one subject in English (XE36ZPG - Fundamentals of Computer Graphics). For more information in Czech, visit the servers shared with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering(K13136) Webis and Info336, or visit the study page(czech) please.

Study programmes

The Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction is responsible for lectures in the following programmes (in Czech).

Bachelor Study

Master Study

Doctoral Study



Our department library keeps more than one hundred scientific and professionaly oriented books and publications. On our search site, you can find if the book of your interest is available. Then you can borrow it by contacting our department librarian Mrs. Klára Dvořáková. You can find her in room E-319. You can also contact her on tel. +420 22435 7432.

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