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Ing. David Ambrož

Ing. David Ambrož

Personal data
Name Ing. David Ambrož
Official position
At faculty Collaborator

Teaching activities

Practice [1]

Code Title Practices Hours Time table
A4M39PGR2 Computer Graphics 2 1 2 Time table

Former subjects [22]

Code Title
X39PMT Team project
X39PMI2 Individual Project II
X39PMI Individual Project

+*+* More |

Code Title
X39GSY Graphics Systems
X39DIP Diploma Thesis
X39BPJ Semester Project
X39BAP Bachelors thesis
X36PMT Team Project
X36DIP Diploma Thesis
X36BPJ Semester Project
X36BAP Bachelor Project
XD36PMI Individual Project
XD36DIP Diploma Thesis
XD36BPJ Semester Project
XD36BAP Bachelor Project
A4M39SVP Software or Research Project
A4M39PGR2 Computer Graphics 2
A4B39SVP Software or Research Project
A0M39DIP Master Thesis
A0B39BAP Bachelor Project
AD7B39PRO Semestral project
AD0B39BAP Bachelor project


Grants [1]

  • Organization of the EUROGRAPHICS 2007 Conference
    • Team Member
    • Duration: 2007 - 2007
    • Program:
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