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Augmented Reality in School Environments (ARiSE)


The project aims at integrating an AR teaching platform (ARTP) into the everyday environment of teachers and students, displaying audiovisual and multimedia content in line with the needs identified by education experts and researchers in the relevant areas. Using 3D presentations and userfriendly interaction techniques will lead to a better understanding of scientific and cultural content coupled with high student motivation. The students will have the possibility to interact as a team with the virtual objects in a virtual shared space provided by an AR display system and thereby they will perform lear ning by doing instead of lear ning by reading or listening. The new technology will promote team work, collaboration between classes in the same school or even remote collaboration between schools in different countries in a learner-centered approach. A major part of the project work is dedicated to the development of tools necessary for the easy production of content by non-AR-experts, to facilitate deployment in different countries of Europe at a moderate effort.

Fig. 1: The main idea - students have to learn about a specific scientific content, in this example a human digestive process. They will form a group around the augmented reality display system. A plastic model will sit in the middle while dynamic generated pictures illustrate the digestive process.


The ARTP will raise teaching technologies for basic, middle and high schools to a new level of possibilities. The platform, allowing students to interact with the teaching material in 3D and concurrently supporting a team-oriented approach, will raise the level of understanding of complex processes. While acquiring scientific and cultural knowledge, important soft skills like team work and presentation skills will be trained as well. The ARTP will be a highly flexible, robust and well affordable base platform consisting of a display system and software.

Fig. 2: The first prototype of the AR display system - four autonomous set-ups equipped by PC, 3D projector, semi-transparent mirror and cameras for head/interaction tracking. The real scene is augmented through the semi-transparent mirror using the image provided by 3D projector.


The ARiSE consortium comprises experts from different areas of information technology, but also expertise in didactics and pedagogy such as schools, which provide opportunities for testing the developed platform in class.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V.
Institute for Media Communication

Siauliai University
Faculty of Education

Accros Limits Ltd.

National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics

Czech Technical University in Prague
Computer Graphics Group

Juventa School
Siauliai City Juventa Basic School

Freundeskreis RAMA
Freundes und Förderkreis des Rabanus-Maurus-Gymnasiums Mainz e.V.


The project ARiSE is co-founded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6 with the contract number IST-027039.

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